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As a knowledge company with a solid base, Hestia ensures consistency and absolute quality by supporting and/or completely managing the ICT infrastructure of its esteemed customers. The company wishes to be recognised as a genuine knowledge organisation with tried-and-tested services, primarily thanks to its motivated and engaged employees who can really help to make a difference in the market.


Hestia is a specialist in the provision of ICT services. Its focus lies not only in pure support for the ICT infrastructure, but also in endeavouring to identify potential added value in consultation with its customers.

By offering a portfolio of high-quality services and solutions, it gives companies the opportunity to re-establish their core activities.

By doing this, Hestia is able to build long-term relationships with customers and become a trusted managed service provider.

The company is active in all sectors and serves small, medium as well as large enterprises.


MSPA quality label – UCS

Hestia is the first and only company in Belgium to receive accreditation in accordance with the MSPAlliance’s (MSPA) Managed Services Accreditation Program (MSAP). Hestia is still the only company in Belgium to have received this certificate.

MSAP is the first programme of its kind, specifically designed and created to provide business consumers of managed services providers with the assurance that the service provider they hire meets or exceeds the highest principles of quality in areas such as financial stability, facilities, managed services practices and customer satisfaction.

The domains validated by the MSAP programme can be fully measured against the ISO 27001 certification.

MSP Mentor 501

For the third year in a row, Hestia has earned its place in the list of TOP 501 global managed service providers.

  • 97th place worldwide
  • 5th place worldwide in the list of “global top 100 vertical market MSPs” for technology

The MSPMentor 501 results are based on an annual survey, conducted in December/January each year.

Much like a decathlon, rankings are based on a range of criteria rather than one business metric.

MSPA Code of Ethics and Conduct

The MSPAlliance Cloud and Manager Service Provider’s Code of Ethics and Conduct (MSPA) includes a set of clearly defined standards to which all members agree to conform. It contains important points such as safeguarding customer confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest and how to deal with customers with professionalism.
This written commitment helps to distinguish MSPAlliance members from competitors. As the only organisation in the sector to offer this type of customer assurance, it’s obvious why companies choose to entrust the care of their IT systems to members.


“In Greek mythology, Hestia was the virgin goddess, daughter of Cronos, the god of fire. Since the fire in Greek households was never permitted to go out, Hestia was responsible for protecting the eternal flame”.

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