Managed services

Who is assisting you with your business transformation?

Managed Services

Has IT become easier or more difficult?

We see every side to it, every day. IT certainly feels more intuitive and straightforward. But on the other side of the coin there’s the increased complexity of the underlying technologies and management. With Hestia’s managed services, you entrust the support for and/or management of your ICT environment, on-site or in the cloud, to us and our market-compliant quality guarantees and response times. This way, your organisation will have more time and space to consider and determine how to strengthen the digital transformation of your company. Nowadays, the emphasis is less on operational support but on the added value that we can offer through our expertise to help you, as our customer, be prepared for the future.

The Hestia approach/solutions


  • Modular structure to the services that you entrust to Hestia:
    • Scope: You decide which of your systems or technologies you would like Hestia to support. This can evolve as our relationship progresses.
    • Service types: You decide which services Hestia provides (preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance, monitoring, etc.) This can evolve as our relationship progresses and as your needs change.
  • Peace of mind whenever you need it, (only) pay for what you need.
  • Service Level Agreement for response times.


  • Specific, defined remit agreed in advance
    • Scope: The scope of systems and technologies that are supported by Hestia is fixed.
    • Service types: Pre-agreed services are provided by Hestia according to the agreed fixed monthly fee.
  • Ongoing peace of mind for the agreed scope and fixed monthly fee.
  • Service Level Agreement for availability and performance.

Your peace of mind is our priority, whichever solution you opt for. Ensuring that peace of mind requires clear agreements and mutual trust. When we begin our relationship, we’ll get to know your environment by carrying out a thorough audit. We’ll then begin to deliver the appropriate ICT solutions on the basis of clear service level agreements (SLAs).

Your strategic benefit

  • You can rely on our high-quality service provision whenever you need it –
    • our organisation has been designed with 24/7 availability in mind
    • You have no need to be concerned about absence – our engineers are always on standby
    • Our response times to your enquiries are guaranteed, and you will always receive a response appropriate to the urgency of the situation.
  • Our engineers work in hundreds of different environments every day. This wealth of experience is a true source of knowledge, a source of knowledge that we are happy to share with you to bring added value to your environment.
  • Our knowledge, expertise and certified level 2 and 3 specialists are unparalleled.
  • Every action that we take is registered and documented and you’ll always be able to see what we did, when and why by looking online.

Speed, accuracy and efficiency are essential skills in ICT, especially in emergencies. Even if you already have the best ICT experts in your team, Hestia managed services and the right SLAs together can help to ensure that the right specialist is always in the right place, 24/7.

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