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Flexible working hours, home working, informal drinks, training, performance reviews, your own “talent development plan”, personal follow-ups, numerous additional benefits (including osteopathy, group discounts, childcare) – sound appealing?

Hestia is an inspiring, innovative, enterprising employer with a passion for people and ICT. Do you fancy joining us or working with one of our customers? Does the idea of working with great colleagues in a friendly atmosphere sound interesting? Do you enjoy discovering and using the latest technology? If so, a job at Hestia might just be what you’ve been looking for. If you’re interested in a new challenge with us or one of our customers, please get in touch so that we can find your ideal match.

In recent years, Hestia has asked a specialised organisation to carry out an employee satisfaction survey, as the motivation and commitment of our team is our foremost priority. These surveys have helped to produce an eNPS or “employee Net Promoter Score”, which is a straightforward means of gauging the enthusiasm of our employees across the organisation. The question is comparable to that of the NPS, which is a frequently used KPI for gauging customer loyalty:

  • eNPS: “How likely are you to recommend your employer to friends and family?”
  • NPS: “How likely are you to recommend company X to your friends and family?”
Job and training 85%
Team atmosphere 84%
Strategy and values 81%
Innovation 81%
Leadership 80%
Career 79%
Work/life balance 77%
Communication 76%

“I have sufficient training opportunities: 88%”

“I enjoy my job: 87%”

“There is a good atmosphere in my team: 89%”

“Satisfaction with home working: 81%”

“I have enough flexibility (exceptional circumstances): 89%”

General satisfaction


* The result of the eNPS or employee Net Promoter Score is given as a percentage. This percentage is calculated by taking those who do not recommend the organisation (or who barely do) and subtracting the figure from those who highly recommend the organisation. A rule of thumb is that if the organisation has more in favour than not, it will continue to advance and will be quicker to adapt to changes and developments. Hestia has scored 60% or more in each of its surveys, where the average is just 20%, which is something that we are naturally very proud of.

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