Maintaining the availability of your IT environment whilst ensuring efficient security is not an easy task and requires more than just the right expertise.

Technology cannot defend against modern cyber threats by itself. To remain safe, this technology needs to be installed and integrated correctly, and requires permanent, proactive management by experts. Companies may become anxious, and opt for services out of anxiety. We prefer a different approach, one in which our wide-ranging expertise plays a central role, and where we monitor every evolution for you, such as end-user analytics in terms of security or the impact of directives from the European General Data Protection Regulation. By doing this, we can help to protect your environment and ensure that we do everything possible to ensure legal compliance.

Identifying and solving problems quickly.

Unless IT security is your core business activity, it would be better to leave it an external expert. Hestia can help you to map out your risks (e.g. Hestia’s security audit) and will work with you to develop a plan to improve your security. We will then commence proactive management of your environment, allowing us to identify problems quickly and intervene where necessary. You can entrust your entire security landscape to us, from pure monitoring to proactive intervention (e.g. patch management) and physical intervention in the event of emergencies. With Hestia’s managed services, you can focus your attention wholly on other activities, such as innovation or business transformation. Our service includes looking at whether elements interact properly, which can help to bring added value to your business. If you prefer to opt for just one component, temporarily, that’s no problem.

You can thwart hackers and prevent or at least minimise potential downtime and data theft.

With Hestia’s managed services, your organisation can get the maximum return from ICT, entirely hassle-free and with a well-considered, future-oriented strategy.

“There’s no such thing as 100% security, but with a well-considered, layered security policy, you can help to prevent a whole range of attacks that companies nowadays have to face”.

When countries are ranked according to those most affected by cyber criminals, Belgium comes in 33rd place worldwide, and 13th place in Europe. 624 ransomware attacks are prevented every single day, as well as 241 attacks via social media, placing Belgium 10th and 11th in the list of most vulnerable countries worldwide for these 2 types of attack. (Source: Symantec)

We are often entirely unaware of these threats, and so we tend to respond with inappropriate actions. New more persistent variants appear every day, literally holding companies hostage. The Federation of Belgian Enterprises considers cyber security the number-one challenge facing companies, yet 25% of Belgian employers are still prepared to take the risk of not being fully compliant with the security measures of their organisation so as to work more efficiently. This compares to a European average of 17% and 21% in the Netherlands. (source: digimedia)

Is your organisation an easy target? Are you fully prepared for a cyber incident?

Did we quote the figures above to frighten you? No! Rather because there is a growing awareness that companies would be well advised to determine a security architecture and strategy. Hestia’s risk analysis of your IT systems will firstly look at whether there are problems that you need to be aware of, and if so, where they are.  An audit helps to provide insight into the weaknesses in your environment, allowing you to establish, manage and constantly update a defined policy. Knowledge is power, and knowing helps you to take appropriate action when it’s needed. It helps you to move on from the facts to more proactive IT management. All too often, we see examples of poor security in our audits, including:

  • The same username and password, or defaults never having been changed
  • Users having too many rights
  • Patching (incl. OS) performed infrequently causing unnecessary weaknesses in the environment
  • Unencrypted data flows between applications and databases

Security audit requests?

Our specialists will contact you to provide further information on how our security audit can help to optimise your organisation’s security. It cannot hurt to try.

The privacy of your customers and employees has always been important, but with the new GDPR legislation, the onus is on employers to show that the necessary protective measures are in place. In May 2016, important new European legislation came into effect governing the protection and security of personal data. Companies and organisations which process the personal data of citizens of EU Member States must be able to demonstrate that they have implemented all possible technical and organisational measures to protect their data. The legislation is better known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How does the GDPR affect your organisation?

It’s unwise to assume that this legislation does not apply to your organisation. The likelihood that you manage customer or employee data that is covered by the legislation is fairly high. Through a series of 2 half-day workshops, we can investigate your current organisational and technological readiness. After analysing the input we will present our findings in a report and discuss the workshop with the key stakeholders. Depending on how much data processing takes place within your company, this exercise usually takes 3 to 5 days to complete.

One workshop will look at the way in which your company manages the processes relating to personal data, with key participants being representatives at C level, compliance and risk auditors, business process managers, subject matter experts, etc. The second workshop will focus on the technologies and infrastructure responsible for personal data, with key participants being IT management, database managers, IT security officers, application owners, etc.

Request a GDPR compliance check?

Our certified data protection officers (DPOs) will contact you to provide further information on how our GDPR compliance check can assess your organisation’s compliance with the GDPR.

Record all local and network activities in real time at all of your end points and convert end user data into useful analyses. End user analytics is the innovator in IT analysis for end users when it comes to security, ITSM and workplace transformation. Our solution maps all IT services, how they are combined and how the IT infrastructure works, from the only perspective that is really important, that of the end user.

The self-learning capacity and artificial intelligence of the solution that we use ensures relevant pattern recognition in IT analyses. Patterns are analysed across the company and in real time (every minute). Analyses can be carried out over a defined period of time and across end points selected by you for detection of security issues (new patterns at one or more end points) and system errors (frequently occurring faults at multiple end points). The real-time analysis of all transactions and network connections being used makes this a truly unique approach. The corresponding real-time visualisation offers new insights into identified patterns and risks and provides usable information at that specific moment in time.

Identify compliance shortcomings more quickly and enable your business to respond to internal and external threats with exception and behavioural analyses. Ensure that you always have an overview, with the ability to determine what is relevant and the option to view more detailed data within a matter of seconds. Ensure a proactive approach to security and compliance, understand new risks and act before it’s too late. Don’t wait until security incidents highlight the weak points. Discover a wealth of historical and contextual data within a few seconds and act quickly and with insight when incidents occur. Know immediately when malware is not detected by antivirus software or when an application seeks access to a dangerous website.

Interested in our solution?

Our monitoring experts will happily get in touch in order to explain the added value of our solution.

Everyone knows the effects of viruses, malware and cyber attacks – business interruption and the potential for extremely high costs. What many companies don’t know, however, is that an antivirus program cannot prevent attackers from exploiting software weaknesses. It is these weaknesses that are the greatest threat to a business, and patching is therefore of utmost importance. Hestia’s patch management service is perfect for this task.

We strive to ensure that as many systems as possible receive patches automatically. Doing this helps to ensure certainty and proper follow-up, and helps to keep costs down (especially when patching is carried out overnight). Some servers are of such critical importance or depend so much on other systems that they cannot be patched automatically. These servers are patched manually in order to maintain availability and ensure proper follow-up. Our procedure has been developed on the basis of best practice methodology.

  1. Server inventory
    Inventorising the servers in your environment and for which patching can be carried out automatically. Servers that are patched manually are placed into a manual circuit with manual follow-up. New servers are added to a certain group so that they are automatically incorporated into the circuit in the future.
  2. Analysis and prioritisation
    Not all servers can be updated at the same time, so they are placed into groups and tiers.
  3. Devising schedules
    A schedule is drawn up for updates to servers.
  4. Patching follow-up
    Following automatic or manual patching, we check that the patch has been installed properly and that the server and requisite services start up again without problem.
  5. Report delivery
    Following each patching round, we deliver a report detailing the patch status of the various servers.

Want to relieve your IT service of this task and benefit from economies of scale?

Our experienced systems engineers will be happy to talk to you about the added value of our patch management service and look at how we can make your environment as secure as possible.

Managed security

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