With over seven years of experience and being certified Managed Service Provider (MSP), Hestia strives to profile itself as one of the top MSP’s currently operating on the Belgian market.
Since 2007, customers of all sectors -industrial as well as healthcare, government and private- rely on our systems and experience to provide a proactive monitoring system. This in order to reduce downtime, troubleshoot and pinpoint the performance issues. We assist them in scaling the systems for maximal performance and providing a platform for alerting standby engineers. While offering multiple services on request, this page describes our monitoring offering.

Monitoring as part of your support or maintenance contract

The existence of accurate data is one of the most important elements in delivering managed services. By keeping an eye on your infrastructure, we make sure that everything runs smoothly. Remote monitoring can anticipate failures. When detecting a possible issue, predefined actions are taken. These range from giving you a heads up with a phone call by our 24/7 service desk to texting you alerts or putting one of our experienced engineers on the job. Currently we offer 2 formulas, depending on the size of your environment:

Pulse Light

Through the use of a site2site connection, we remotely monitor your infrastructure up to five servers or ten networking devices.


We install a complete monitoring server onsite so that a bigger infrastructure is monitored.

Monitoring as a Service

By using op5 Monitor, one of the best monitoring suites on the market, we are able to provide a customized monitoring experience adapted to your needs. We configure, maintain and follow up all possible issues that might arise on your infrastructure.
Our experience will enable you to do what you do best: conducting your business and knowing that your infrastructure will have no performance issues that keep you from focusing on your goals.
You access an easy to use, customized (branded) NOC where you get a status overview of your environment, follow up on the performance of your environment, through the use of trending: predict when possible issues might hit, schedule automatic reports, do root cause analysis and so much more.


Based on seven solid years of providing monitoring experience, we are able to use our knowledge to propose a custom solution to your monitoring requirements. Our team can also be consulted for setting up Proof-of-Concepts, Demo’s, training or adjustments of your onsite monitoring solution.


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