MSPA Quality Label - UCS

MSPAllicance is a 25.000 member’s worldwide organization sharing one specific goal; increasing reliability and dependability in the industry by sharing the values and ethics of managed service providers. Today MSPAlliance has become a globally recognized standard, certification and consulting body for the Managed Services Industry. Hestia-IT is the first and only Managed Services Company in Belgium that achieved the MSAP Quality label accreditation, based on physical and virtual security standards, business and financial integrity and the continuous improvement and care of excellence in the approach professional approach of IT client’s needs.

MSPA 5 Diamonds Award

After polling consumers for nearly a decade, MSPAlliance recognized that the end-user was interested in finding credible providers with a commitment to customer service and service quality. The MSPAlliance Consumer Satisfaction Survey is an inquiry solely based on consumer satisfaction survey results. Hestia is the very first company in the world that received the MSPAlliance's highly coveted "5 diamonds"-award.

MSP Mentor 501


For the third year in a row Hestia IT earned his place in the TOP 501 global managed service providers List.

  • 8th place in EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, Africa)
  • 97th place worldwide

The MSPmentor 501 results are based on an annual survey, based on annual recurring revenues, dollar growth, percentage growth, devices managed and plenty more.

Graydon Study

Graydon is one of the world's leading credit and risk intelligence companies, providing access to business information on over 100 million entities in more than 190 countries. A recent independent study from Graydon confirms Hestia as being part of the top 20 companies in its line of business

MSPA Code of Ethics & Conduct

As a member of the MSPAlliance Hestia follows the MSPA Code of Ethics & Condut, intended to serve as a guide to the everyday professional conduct for its employees.
The MSPAlliance Cloud & Managed Service Provider’s Code of Ethics & Conduct provides a clearly defined set of standards that every member agrees to adhere to. It covers key areas of their business, such as ensuring client confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interests, and dealing with their clients in a professional manner at all times.
This written commitment separates MSPAlliance members from their competitors. As the only industry organization with this type of client assurance, it shows why businesses entrust the care of their IT systems to our members.
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