About Us

Managed ICT Services


Hestia is specialized in IT maintenance and support services. Hestia can provide a broad portfolio of dynamic, heterogeneous IT infrastructure and application management capabilities and help you enhance the business value of your IT investment. If you‘re seeking faster time to market or want to optimise the management of your ICT environment, you‘ll benefit from our services.
Our flat and straightforward organization allows us to focus on the needs of our customers. Hestia is organized in technical Competence Centers, aiming on delivering excellent technical services as well as coaching and technical grow of our team members.
Hestia is active in all sectors and serves small, medium and large enterprises.


The Cronos group


Hestia is part of the Uptime Group and the larger Cronos Group. The focus of the Uptime group lays within IT Infrastructure. Different companies within this group work together to roll-out new infrastructure projects or to migrate and maintain existing infrastructure. By combining our strenghts, we can deliver an even broader portfolio of Services. All entities within the CRONOS Group and Uptime group collaborate closely and exchanges services and resources whenever required.